Right in December and if you've had a blissfull relationship this year you better know the real test of your love comes in December.

We all know that relationships are hard and only the select few can survive the December break up season. If yours is  one that doesn't make it, don't stress it. We have just  the collection to get you through the break up and remind you why you are probably better off single anyways. Here are



1. Trust Issues

They say trust is the building block of all relationships, but these days you  are never really sure whether you are the main or just a side until bae gets back with the main. The one moment you are in love and JIki-Jiki You find out he got married that weekend he told you he was going to Moria, all the while you have been dating for years. This life will hit you hey, Trust a person to find a husband/wife while they dating you

find your wife tshirt   find_your_husband_tshirt

2. Communicating your feelings

Communication is key if you plan long term relationship. Sometimes partners expect you to just read their minds like some psychic. How many of you  have said you are okay all along when Bae asks to only to all of a sudden send the dreaded "I JUST THINK ITS FUNNY HOW" text. hahaha. I know im Guilty, I can't be the only one



3. Letting go is not Easy 

After months or even years of getting familiar with someone letting go can be the hardest thing even when you know it is good for you. While some drink their sorrows away and jump into the next relationship to forget, others simply like KING MONADA. simply deny it at all costs... So just incase your girlfriend/boyfriend is thinking of breaking up with you this December we got just the right tshirt for you, just so they know to not even think about it. hahaha


4. People's Expectations

As if you have not had your fair share of heart break already, you get those few brave souls who want to know when you plan on getting that ring and settling down with a Family. December family can be a pain having to answer these. The Tee below would have you sorted though, just to answer anyone before they even ask



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