Find time to build your SIDE HUSTLE while working a 9 to 5

When most people consider launching a new business they imagine quitting their job abandoning any financial stability and going all in. With a few greats having done it taking this route, some think thats the only way to ensure your business becomes a success. But that is not the only way. The side hustle is the perfect and i would argue more sensible alternative. It does come with it's challenges though. This bog post will give tips on how it can be done

I know first hand how difficult it is to work a day job and still manage to be a “sidepreneur”. There is a significant lack of time to to run your business and you still need to commit yourself first to your employer. But if you are like me  and have a need for reduced risk and financial stability you need to learn to embrace the world of the side hustle.

The good news is it's very much possible to grow your business while still getting your monthly income. Many have done it before and this blog will show you how you can.


A side hustle, is in essence a way to explore a business idea or passion and assess how viable and profitable it would be. It is a safe way to test out an idea within the comfort of a steady income

The first struggle most people encounter is finding the time to manage an run your business. I wont't lie - It’s not going to be easy. If you want to see your e-commerce business become successful, you will have to say goodbye to most of your evenings and weekends. 

So, while this all sounds brutal and difficult, the long-term payoff of creating a successful e-commerce business is worth it all




Generally, people working a full-time job and looking to start an e-commerce business should find something "easy", Low commitment, easy to source or manufacture, and something that can be sold with little maintenance and work. The perfect place to start is  dropshipping with wheel A Trend

Since your time, resources and energy are limited, you really need to learn to focus. It is important to find your niche and know who exactly is the customer base you wish to serve.

It is completely normal to have a bunch of ideas of all the products you would like to sell when you start out. But always remember to THINK BIG but START SMALL. Instead of launching that clothing line right away, why not just launch one product from the line initially? Instead of having 20 different print designs, why not just start with one. Find what works early on and capitalise on that. You need to become exceptional at noticing what works and going hard at it. This also goes for your advertising and marketing strategy.


It's going to be all about taking baby steps. You need to have patience and understand that in most cases, success doesn't and won't happen overnight but do not worry, a slow and steady growth that is consistent is all you need to be successful.

You will on the best days only have a few hours to work on your business. This is why all tasks should be broken down.yYou will likely only have a few hours everyday to attack a task. So instead of trying build your e-commerce website in one evening, break down the design and construction of your website into a few days so that you’re not pressured or rushed with your limited time.



Because your time is limited, you need to schedule your business activities so that you not only know what you're doing every evening and weekend, but also to keep yourself accountable.  Once everything is scheduled, you can easily find the gaps in your time and use that for your business. Whether that has you bringing a laptop to work so that you can work during your lunch or blocking out an entire weekend to finish your website, do it. It's okay to get a little selfish with your time initially.



 Create email templates, Invest in setting up apps that will make you more efficient.Even though some actibities may take you a long while to set up, it is worth it if they will save you time in the future



 Procrastination should come to mind here. Discipline is going to be a big factor if you are going to get things done. You should keep in mind that your time is limited, don’t spend it on the things that have little to no pay off. Figure out what works and is getting you customers and invest your time in that


Can someone else do it and is your time worth more than the time you'll spend accomplishing the task? If it's a yes than seriously consider outsourcing the task. The great thing with having a 9 to 5 is that you have a few rands to invest in the business. Look at the things you are doing or have to do to get your business up and running. Can you hire someone to get it done faster or even better?

Another reason why dropshipping is a great idea. You get to sell and not worry about creating the product and shipping it

Automating is another great time save. The first place for this is in managing your social media. They are no many great apps that allow you to schedule your posts. Spending every Sunday to plan your posts and social media startegy is a great time saver. Email marketing is also something that can be automated and save you time



There is no denying that the side hustle journey is a hard one to take. It requires great time preservation tactics and perserverance. Slow progress is part of the game but all the struggles eventually become worth it.

To win at this you will need to work hard, hustle and stay motivated. Realize your passion and remind yourself on a daily basis why you are doing what you are doing. If it’s that important to you, you will find the time to work on your side business and hopefully make it become your full-time business if that’s what you eventually want.  



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