Making money while you sleep? That's the dream right?

For most people, affiliate marketing is how they make this dream a reality

The idea is pretty simple. You promote a company's products,  earning a commission if people actually end up buying thanks to your marketing.

We at wheel A Trend offer influencers and anyone looking to make extra income, a way to do that and even create their own collection of custom products to advertise



Here is the quick and easy process to get you earning as followed by one of our affiliates

1. We contact you or you contact us to be one of our affiliates

2. On agreement, we send you an item or two of your choice from our collection or one you design along with a discount code created just for you. You use the product sent  to post on your social media account and advertise to your followers

3. You post the item along with the discount code that your clients can use to order on our site. They get a 5% discount and you get as much as 15% of each item bought. The more posts and shares you make on your account, the more sales you are likely to make and therefore more money made while you sleep.

See example post made by one of our affiliates





Any more questions? contact us at to ask any questions