1 Select the items you would like to order and add them to your cart. Add the picture or text you want printed for each item. You can also add sny print notes for any special instructions for the items you selected

2. You can pay online by selecting one of two methods. 

  • 1. Payfast (Credit card or eft)
  • 2. Via eft directly to our FNB account. We prefer this method

3. if you paid using eft, send us the proof of payment so we can mark the order as paid. 

4. We will get your order processed and and inform you once it is ready for collection or courier

Current order waiting time :  3-7  working days. If you need a rushed order contact us and request if possible 

We are working tirelessly to give efficient and fast service


email contact@wheelatrend.com or call 0662319309